By: randosteve|Posted on: September 4, 2009|Posted in: Humor | 8 comments

La Sportiva Sandstone GTXI’m off to the Big Sky state for the holiday weekend, but a big congrats to the winner of Guess My Time: Grand Teton, scoring themselves a pair of La Sportiva Sandstone GTX hiking shoes. Though I feel pressured to put up fast times for these contests, I’m still having fun with it and thanks to La Sportiva for they’re generous donations.

For those that don’t do this sort of thing, it can be both physically and mentally challenging to truly stay focused once you push the start button on your watch at the trailhead. Both your mind and body go through different feelings and experiences when you are going hard and feeling good, slightly gripped on icy slabs above large exposure, or in the weeds and trying to recover. Sometimes…when you’re high on the mountain, low on blood sugar, and dehydrated…you really can feel out of it. Sometimes it feels good…other times it’s a little weird. The one thing I know is, I’ll be back for more.

Just a quick back story on the run up the GT. I started just before 10am and sweated like a fiend until the wind started to evaporate it above the Lower Saddle. Though I know people who can do better, my abilities only allow me to run to the Meadows, above that...I mostly power hike and run shorter sections because the trail gets more technical, steeper and rocky.  Big quads...but short legs. 🙂 I feel I need to improve this aspect of the mission if I ever REALLY want to get my time down more.  As it was though, I came within three minutes of my car-to-summit PR, of which I think one could easily account towards shooting video and the icy and crowded conditions on the OS. So...I was happy with that.

La SportivaThough I was feeling good...physically, I think I went kinda slow on the descent at the top. It's been a couple year's since I've done the OS and the first time I've done the "cat-walk" section, so...blah...blah...blah. Through the middle, I really thought I might still be able to break my PR if I hammered it below the Lower Saddle. Things were going well, but my inner quads started to cramp up down by the Valley Trail junction...and it became more of a mission to just break 5 hours.

I'd say I probably didn't drink or eat enough...hence the cramping. I drank about 70oz of Nuun, had 3 GUs and 1.5 packs of Chomps. 2 more GUs and more water would have helped. I was pretty dizzy and queasy at the end, and a beard of salt encrusted my cheeks. I drank and drank (recovery drink/RedBull/water/beer) that afternoon and night...and never peed.  I hobbled for two days.