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For some, picking a good ski town to live in is all about the snow. For others it’s the terrain. But for many, a simple equation tells a lot about what living in a ski town might be like and whether or not it even merits further investigation. Enter…the Elevation/Population ratio, when a result that is = />, 1 means it’s good times for the ski bums! So, considering all this…how do Teton County towns live up to the Elevation/Population equation? Let’s see!! (Don’t quote me on these numbers here…it was a quick google search. :))

Jackson6237/9806 = .64
Wilson6148/3041 = 2.0
Hoback5879/1453 = 4.0
Alta6440/469 = 13.7
Moran6749/475 = 14.2
Moose6453/460 = 14.2
Kelly6447/242 = 26.6
Teton Village6239/205 = 30.4

(teton county towntown elevation/population = the higher, the better!)

Well, we first see that Jackson would be the least desirable of town in Teton County to live in for ski bums. And who’s to argue with that…unless you’re walking distance from the Brew Pub. And surprise, surprise, my favorite Teton Country town of Moran…only made the halfway mark to the counties highest result. But is should be of no surprise that the town of Teton Village, home of JHMR, The Village, The Vill, The Moose, THE GNAR…came out on top. With sick terrain, a tram, few streets, no traffic lights to navigate, it deserves the win.

jackson_hole_logo*And by the way, if you’re thinking about coming out to ski at The Vill this winter…during the month of January, buy two airline tickets, and get two more…FREE! Call 888-838-6606 for details. So…how do some other notable town in the west compare to Teton County’s finest? Here are a few. What does your town come in at???

Aspen, CO7890/5914 = 1.3
Telluride, CO8750/2361 = 3.7
Crested Butte8924/1651 = 5.4
Squaw Valley, CA6200/2691 = 2.3
Mammoth, CA7900/7402 = 1.1
Alta, UT8560/399 = 21.5