By: randosteve|Posted on: December 24, 2009|Posted in: Humor | 16 comments

Okay, like…I first saw this on, like, Backbone Media’s website, The Vertblog. Then someone, like, emailed me about it. Then, I like saw it on TGR. SO…I figured I should like, post it here…so like, more people could see it.

So like when I first saw this trailer for Frozen, I said to myself, like no way, oh my god…this totally can’t be real. There’s no way Hollywood would make a movie about people getting stuck on a chairlift…overnight. That would be like, totally whacked! I mean…like wouldn’t at least one person have a cell phone with them…so they could call like, Bear Grylls or something to ask him for some advice? And like…what happened to the girls gloves?

Not to be like, the spoiler, but rumor has it this was like, filmed in Utah. And like, the girl cheated on her boyfriend (who's on the chair) with the other guy on the chair. Like, and after one of the guys jumps off the chairlift and breaks his leg...a like, hungry pack of wolves comes around and torments and like, attacks him. I can totally see how this could happen. I mean, like, I saw some wolf tracks just two days ago...and i was like, scared for my life.  Not to mention the like, fear I get around chairlifts.  Totally gotta see this for sure! 😉