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skiing-mount-helenOver the years, I have gotten quite a lot of emails from people who visit Some who write to me ask about ski routes, while others ask about gear recommendations or just want to chat and share information about things that are happening.  I enjoy meeting all the new people and I like the fact that they are from all over the world, sharing the same passion for skiing that I/we do. Every once and a while, I receive an email that stands apart from the rest and deserves a bit more attention. I recently received this one from a fellow skier and thought I would share it with you. I laughed when I read it and my friends did too, so hopefully you will enjoy it. Thanks for visiting and have a great day! -Steve

Note: The following is rated PG-13.

Hi Steve,

I’m interested in purchasing your used 175cm Black Diamond Kilowatts to be my short and skinny addition to the ski quiver. How do I locate your paypal account? I’m kind of ignorant on the process.  I guess I would be shipping to XXXX, CO. I’m coming through your way for Targhee Bluegrass on Tues. Aug 10th, in the afternoon sometime – but it might be hard to connect with an unknown eta.

I am a longtime lurker and a big fan, and visit TetonAT daily and religiously M-F. I have taken some of your advice in the past on purchases such as BD Neve crampons and Megawatts. I love the tips, cartoons, gear talk, trip reports, industry news, debates, and photos you post. However, I’m disappointed that most of your audience seems to be a bunch of Pearl Jam dissing, hypocritical hippies that don’t have any true passion for the sport. 🙂 I don’t understand – you’re reading a f**king ski blog in July, yet you don’t care if someone crosses your gem of a ski track left on some beautiful peak you just climbed all the way up in some blurred physical and spiritual quest. We’re not really looking for fights and haters, just a little enthusiasm and respect for the journey!

And people think your egotistical? Huh? What? Another opportune moment for the mantra of “Make Turns…Not Friends.” I guess if everyone is so free loving about it, then it would be cool if you beat them back down to the trailhead, hang out in their air conditioned Escalade, watch their latest DVD of Warren Miller and smoke the last of their weed, washing it down with their last ice cold beer…all the while as you play with their wife’s fake boobs.  Sorry – had to back you up with a little rant. I am just so surprised at the volume of people that don’t care. I too tried to explain this to my wife with little or no avail. I also apologized to my ski partner a couple times this spring when I crossed his tracks due to thin snow.

Much respect and shout outs for all your work, passion, and prerogative. I appreciate it. Let me know how to best take care of the paypal ski purchase – looks like a great deal. Thanks again and big high fives for the grade A website.


B. Jerky