By: randosteve|Posted on: December 1, 2010|Posted in: Humor | 60 comments

steve-romeo-skis-by-a-icefall-near-aconcaguaIt’s not what you think. I’m not about the drop the bomb and tell you I’ve been moonlighting and freeing my heal and telemarking when no one’s looking. And noooo, I’m not…well, nevermind. Now that we have that out of the way, I admit that for the past couple years, I have……been eating McDonald’s hash browns and bacon, egg and cheese biscuits on my my way to go skiing. I figure this is a pretty big deal and I have been hiding the fact that I have been eating fast food by burying the evidence deep in the trash bag of my van or the trash can in the garage. In a day and age of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free limiting diets, not to mention the coolio “to see” and “be seen” scenes that go on at Pearl Street Bagels, I figure this is equal to dissing the northern bike path section and the whiners that think it’s too close to the road. (So sorry, but I had to go there, but feel free to bring it on.)


Anyway, back to McyD’s. For one thing, it’s super convenient and located about a quarter mile from my pad, and on the street I drive on to go skiing…not to mention the drive-thru aspect, which is over the top. Price-wise, it’s a pretty good deal as well and fits in nicely with my “work-less, play-more” ski-bum lifestyle. For only $3.59, I get a deliciously deep fried glob of something that appears to be a hash brown and a moderately warm biscuit filled with synthetically processed eggs, fake bacon and cheese that looks like it could give nuclear waste a run for it’s money.

Lots of sodium and cholesterol to get you going!

All-and-all, the nutrition information for the McDonald’s biscuit and hash brown aren’t really too bad…considering the horrors that are implied in the movie “Super-Size Me“. Yeah, they’ve got lots of sodium and cholesterol, but I don’t add salt to any of the meals I eat and my blood pumps through my veins so fast that it probably scours them clean of any cholesterol that might clog them up.  (At least I hope so.)   So, in general, I don’t think I’m going to die by eating this stuff, and I feel like as long as I can eat the biscuit and hash brown when they are warm, I’m safe.  Because the food pretty much turns into something else entirely when it gets cold.