By: randosteve|Posted on: September 8, 2010|Posted in: Gear, Humor | 11 comments

Note:  The following post is rated PG-13.

Every so often, there’s those days of -20°F temps here in Jackson Hole, when the inversion sets in hard and the valley becomes an ice box. These are often great times for going big in the Tetons, but the cold alpine-starts in the frigid darkness can leave your body, not to mention your private parts (I’m talking to you bros!), felling the deep chill…big time! Wind briefs can help keep your little friend warmer to some extent, and power stretch undies can warm things up too, but often they can be too hot after you are up and out of the freezer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that kept the little man downstairs ultra-warm and cozy in the cold, but was easily removable as the temps increased. Enter…ThermaJock.


Made with Polartec Thermal Pro, the ThermaJock provides valuable, localized protection and insulation from the cold, and focuses on an area that many winter sports enthusiasts ignore. The ThermaJock is like a fleece stuff-sac for your male hardware and has two fastening straps than allow adjustment to fit any athlete. It’s double strap fastening system allows for maximum comfort and retention, without having to over-tighten either strap whihc could restrict blood flow and sensation….and we know we don’t want that! I definitely need to get me one of these and I figure I’ll order the XL. HA!

Actually, one size fits all for the ThermaJock. Slide on…cinch cord…and GO! 😀