Layering for Backcountry Skiing

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Accurately Calibrate Your Suunto Watch Compass

NOTE: Today is the last day to enter the Diamond Trip Report Contest. One of my recent email responses (to Grant?) didn’t get delivered, so be sure to try again if I haven’t responded. Thanks…and good luck! –Steve Now most people know that you need to calibrate your Suunto compass to have it be […]

The Zzerctor 3. The Ultimate AT Boot??

The Zzerctor 3. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my Dynafit “Green Machines” (Zzero 4 CF) for their amazing balance of lightweight and stiffness, and I’m growing to really like my Black Diamond Factors for their unbelievable skiing performance and great walk-mode…and as a (former?) competitive rando racer and backcountry skier who doesn’t mind […]

Ortovox Peak 29L and 42L Ski Packs

  Ortovox Peak 29L and 42L Ski Packs. When I first started to get serious about backcountry skiing in the late nineties, I owned an Ortovox ski pack.  I remember liking it a lot.  It had lot’s organizing features and carried my skis nicely in many different configurations.  Last season, my friend Marcus from Ortovox […]

'Sup Randosteve

Sup Randosteve! I got a set of the new Dynafit TLT’s (not the Verticals, but the ones with the round cylinder heel lift) and have broken a big chunk out of the front ski/tour “button”. Is this a problem with these? I don’t like the angle that is required to press down at to go […]

Black Diamond Outlaw Ski/Snowboard Pack

Putting the Black Diamond Outlaw pack to the test in Garnet Canyon. To me, making a backcountry ski pack seems pretty easy.  Make it relatively lightweight, easy to attach skis to in different configurations, offer an insulated hydration sleeve and have a separate pocket for my avy shovel and probe.  There are some extra features […]

Suunto Observer Is For Skiers

With only one touch of a button, the Suunto Observer gives you accumulative ascent/descent and number of runs skied while you are recording a logbook. (Last night’s Snow King run) As a backcountry skier, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best feature to have in an altimeter watch is a running total of your […]

SuperFly Energy Drink, RedBull in a Tablet?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving my Nuun for the last month or so and it does a great job of keeping me hydrated.  But, sometimes I’m looking for a little kick in the pants to keep me going on those long days.  A lot of the time I will pack a RedBull […]

Summer Outdoor Retailer, Day 2

Sunset driving into Swan Valley, Idaho. NOT Photoshopped! My second of two days at the 2008 Summer Outdoor Retailer show was extremely busy. I had multiple meetings with people in regards to some current and new relationships with and the store. Here are a few more new products I saw…as well as some changes […]

TetonAT Welcomes Nuun Hydration welcomes Nuun as a new sponsor and partner of the website. I’ve chosen Nuun over other hydration products because it is formulated to actually be absorbed into your body faster that water alone. Nuun (pronounced Noon) is one of the few electrolyte drinks out there that doesn’t contain any sugar, an enemy to endurance […]

BPA Scare Defused?

Can you guess which one is my pee bottle? Well, I’m glad I didn’t buy into the big BPA scare that happened a few months ago, because last week Reuters put out an article from Milan regarding the European Union’s most recent study finding that the amount of the chemical BPA (bisphenol A) found in […]

Black Diamond Neve Crampons…Lightweight AND Durable!

Over the years, I’ve owned multiple pairs of crampons from Black Diamond, Grivel, CAMP, Charlet Moser/Petzl, KONG…you name it! Some made out of aluminum, some steel. The steel versions have worked great, super durable and strong, but sometimes feeling like a brick in the bottom of my backpack. Some aluminum models are feather light, but […]

Dynafit ZZero 4 C's…End of Season Review

For most winter seasons, like with skis, I tend to vary the AT boot model I’m using depending on the type of tour I’m doing. But for this past season, I committed to using the new Dynafit ZZeros 100% and their workout began climbing to the summit of Pico de Orizaba in early November, 2007. […]

Modified Black Diamond Voodoo Update

As the ski season starts to wind down here in JH, I thought I’d give a brief update on how my Black Diamond Voodoos have held up after chopping off the twin-tip tail. The biggest issue I found with this experiment was finding some sort of epoxy that would be durable enough for the rigors […]

Got Food for the Skiing the Backcountry!

This one’s for you Harpo! Food and nutrition are always hot topics and the focus of many emails I receive. My eating habits tend to vary a bit from winter to summer, and depend greatly on the activity I’m partaking in. Most of the time though, I tend to mix and match “real food” with […]

Testing…1,2,3…Testing the Dynafit Manaslu

Someday I’m going to use my KLR to actually go skiing. The one thing that drives me nuts about testing ski gear is that half the time the products are prototypes, and not quite fine tuned for production. Right now I have some Dynafit Manaslu skis and Zzeus boots in my possession, and although the […]

New PROBAR Flavors

PROBARS have become a huge part of my diet lately and I’m psyched about the launch of five new flavors that make up their new Sweet and Savory lineup. The bars have a nice combination of sweet and salty taste, and even contain salt from Heber City, UT (near PROBAR’S offices), which is known for […]

Interweb Goodies

Cloudy sunrise on Teton Pass Weds morning. Another 14″ of snow fell Tuesday night, but steady gusts in the 50’s overnight made the snow a bit on the creamy side. I got out on the pass for three laps up the Glory bootpack. I took all three runs on First Turn, because I like the […]

Julbo Race, Love Them Shades!

The side vents on the Julbo Race sunglasses do a rad job of keeping the lenses fog free. I had a couple boxes of gear waiting for me when I got back from Europe. One being an assortment of Julbo Sunglasses. I find I have a tough face to fit with sunglass most of the […]

TetonAT Arc'teryx Picks!

I just got word from Arc’teryx HQ that some of my gear requests were being shipped out yesterday. I’m pretty psyched to upgrade my technical outerwear and really hope it gets here in time to bring to Switzerland. (Keeping my fingers crossed!!!) One interesting note, Skinny Skis here in Jackson…who I am employed by…placed the […]