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Sup Randosteve!

I got a set of the new Dynafit TLT’s (not the Verticals, but the ones with the round cylinder heel lift) and have broken a big chunk out of the front ski/tour “button”. Is this a problem with these? I don’t like the angle that is required to press down at to go from ski to walk. Sorry for the very non-technical binding descriptions, I’ve never really cared to explore the inner workings.


From your description, it sounds like you have a pair of Dynafit TLT Comforts. BTW, I think this is the last year that model will be offered. I’ve had this happen to me before, but never enough to effect the functional performance of the binding. Usually this is from using your ski pole tip to disengage the toe-piece from lock and/or ski mode. As long as the toe piece functions properly (meaning locks and unlocks, and securely holds your boot in place) I wouldn’t worry about it. I recommend using your ski pole grip, instead of the tip to open up the toe piece. Trying to do the same myself.

Sup Randosteve

Just randomly ran into your site and saw your little note from our ski trip to the Republic of Georgia and Mount Shkara through the Hans Saari Memorial Fund. Just wanted to say thanks. If you ever know of anyone wanting a slide show presentation down there in Jackson (or any mountain town) let us know. We would be jazzed. We have been doing them as fund raising events for the Hans Fund. Just as suggested donations and selling some hoodies we made up.

FYI – We’re doing a slide show in Bozeman Wednesday the 22 at the Emerson Cultural Center in Bozeman at 7pm for free along with Joe stock and Andrew Wexler, also grant recipients. If your ever up in Bozeman this winter give me a shout

Anyway thanks again.

Actually, I just might have a gig for you…and good timing as it’s a big time of year in all mountain towns for events and such. So if anyone’s looking for someone to put on a slide show…get in touch with Jason. I’ve got my eyes on a peak or two in Montana (Emigrant Peak for one), so I might just take you up on that.

Sup Randosteve,

Sent you this message on the TGR, but I forgot to ask if Skinny Skis has received — or will be getting — the new BD Factor and Method boots. I saw them up in Whistler @ ISSW but couldn’t try them on. They’re a bit heavier than I normally go, but I’m curious. I’m kind of thinking the Method may be more of what I want (weight savings + the Factor is a bit overkill in terms of stiffness)…but it’s always a bit of guesswork. I’d probably be a 26 or 27, so that might work. I’m in Garmonts (modified Megarides w/ Intuition liners) now but lately they’ve been squeezing my feet. Too much biking, I think. Got a perspective on Factor vs Method? I’d probably take my Megarides (or even something lighter) on a long tour…but this would be more for inbounds/sidecountry/short trips (e.g. Glory bootpack).


We are carrying the Factor at Skinny Skis this year and have some on the wall and in stock. Some sizes are back ordered, but we have a good representation non-the-less. In my opinion, the Factor is the BD boot to have, since it is most likely the stiffest Dyanfit compatible boot on the market. If performance wasn’t my priority, I’d probably be looking at another manufacture’s line-up. It’s a six ounce difference between the Factor and the Method, take the power-strap and the spoiler off the Factor…and your nearly there!

I received my Factors the other day and have been playing with them a bit. One thing that stands out is the amount of fit customization you can do with the boot board. So, if they feel tight at first, realize that you can shave material off the boot board to add volume. I did some shaving myself…and they now fit like a glove. Also, if it’s been a while since you’ve worn overlap-style ski boots, you will quickly remember how hard they can be to put on and off.

Sup Randosteve,

I stumbled onto your web site while sitting around the house on a sick day. What a great site! The photos, video, and writing are mind blowing. I’m busy making plans to leave my job here in Spokane to come wait tables and ski in Jackson!

Thanks for the good work. I’ll be checking back often.

Right on Lloyd! I’m psyched to get skiing regularly again and I’ve got a better video camera available to make better videos this season. I’ve seen a jump in traffic recently, so it looks like others are also getting fired up for winter. Glad I can help share the stoke!!