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Nuun welcomes Nuun as a new sponsor and partner of the website. I’ve chosen Nuun over other hydration products because it is formulated to actually be absorbed into your body faster that water alone. Nuun (pronounced Noon) is one of the few electrolyte drinks out there that doesn’t contain any sugar, an enemy to endurance athletes, or artificial colors and sweeteners…it is all natural. Nuun also avoids including carbohydrates into the mix, which can slow down the absorption of water in your stomach. I’ve tried nearly every electro-carbo-soy drink combo out there and in the end, all I really want from my water is hydration, and Nuun definitely promotes that.

For those unaware, Nuun is one of a new bread of ‘portable hydration’ and comes in the form of a tablet, which you drop into your bottle. Let the tablet dissolve and viola…you have a nice flavored electrolyte cocktail. They are very easy to pack and come in tablet sizes to add to both 16 and 32 oz. increments of water. The lack of sugar also make them safe for you hydration bladders too! Pretty simple really.

Nuun Flavors
Nuun comes in handy tubes and is easy to pack.
Each tube contains 12 tablets and is able to make 1.5 gallons of electrolyte drink.

Nuun’s founder, an ironman tri-athlete, created the product as an MBA project while attending Dartmouth, because he was wanted to separate his electrolytes from calories during races. His professors thought it was such a good product, they invested in his idea and got him connected with one of the leading companies in outdoor hydration. (Hint…begins with a C) Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with the big corporate company, so he went out on his own and started Nuun…which came to market a full three years prior to the bigger corporate version. A feel good story for sure!

Nuun TabletsNuun Flavors

Active Hydration
Orange Ginger
Lemon Lime
Citrus Fruit

U Natural Hydration
Lemon Chai
Gogi Berry/Green Tea
Tangerine Ginger

Unlike many electrolyte drinks out there, Nuun’s mellow flavors don’t require the athlete to dilute the mixture, inevitably diluting the amount of electrolytes at the same time. Nuun’s flavors cover the gamut from traditional Lemon/Lime to ‘new school’ flavors like Cola…sure to be a favorite among tri-athletes. In addition to their Active Hydration lineup, Nuun also has developed U: Natural Hydration, which has a little bit less electrolytes in it, but includes a healthy dose of vitamins and works great as an all-day, everyday drink.