By: randosteve|Posted on: June 27, 2008|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 2 comments

Minor delaming on topsheet

As the ski season starts to wind down here in JH, I thought I’d give a brief update on how my Black Diamond Voodoos have held up after chopping off the twin-tip tail. The biggest issue I found with this experiment was finding some sort of epoxy that would be durable enough for the rigors of backcountry skiing. I didn’t have much luck and in the end I just left them naked…and exposed to the elements.

In spots, the topsheet and base have started to show sighs of peeling back, but what can you expect when they are getting jabbed into rock hard snow, rocks and mud…not to mention being saturated with water. The problem areas seem to be isolated and only in a spot where they have taken a direct hit. I’ve seen a lot worse delams on skis that haven’t been taken to the band saw. I think the top sheets of these BD skis are in two parts, one with the graphic and the other being a clear layer over the top. I’m really surprised that water didn’t creep into the space between them, causing them to separate.

Slight base delam

Overall, I’d say that they have held up relatively well. I am very hard on gear (I think because I have a lot of it) and ski trips in the spring (like the one to Gannett Peak and Ross Lake) can really put gear to the test as far as durability goes…WAY more than skiing, skinning and booting in deep powder. Luckily, with a little sanding and buffing…as well maybe some inspiration as to how to seal off the tails better, they can easily be buffed out again.