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Cloudy sunrise
Cloudy sunrise on Teton Pass Weds morning.

The kind of waves I likeAnother 14″ of snow fell Tuesday night, but steady gusts in the 50’s overnight made the snow a bit on the creamy side. I got out on the pass for three laps up the Glory bootpack. I took all three runs on First Turn, because I like the quick turnaround time, and never crossed a track. Pretty mellow vibe on the Pass these days as I think everybody has had their fair share of powder skiing this year.

US Freeskiing

Props to the crew of freeskiers who competed in Jackson last weekend. I didn’t catch the event, but the Subaru US Freeskiing Series put up some cool videos on their website that show all the qualifier, finals, and super finals of all the sick skiers. Plenty of time wasting potential to be had. Click on ‘video’ in the top menu…and then look for the Jackson 08 tab above the video selection area. Every time I watch this clips, it amazes me at how these guys hold their bodies together…not to mention thier knees. Congrats to BD rider Mark Welgos for taking the top spot.nalgene bottles

As locals get ready for their spring adventures, we have been getting alot of people coming into the shop and asking about plastic water bottles…and which ones can kill them. From the research I’ve checked out, the answer is…none of them! The scare is about the chemical Bisphenol A, which can cause cancer and make some water bottles stronger an has been used in the food industry for years.

camelbak bottlesFrom what I’ve read and heard, the chemical only leaches out of the plastic when it is in contact with boiling water…and it is in such small abouts that you are more likely to have a humming bird poke your eyes out than have any effects from ingesting any Bisphenol A. And if you are worried about one chemical in just a water bottle, think of all the other chemicals that are in contact with what we eat and drink every day. For those that are worried about it though, know that some of the CamelBak bottles coming out next season…don’t have any Bisphenol A in them.

Dude…$200,000 for a corn flake? I guess if it is looks like the state of Illinois it’s worth it…until Ebay pulled the listing. Word is that Ebay had something against the auctioning of food. The corn flake is back on…at least a coupon for it is and it has stirred up a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon with other corn flake look-a-likes (including Hillary, Barack and McCain), buttons and t-shirts celebrating the Original Illinois Corn Flake. Deadline for bidding is on Friday.

Here’s a tip from the domestic front. I find when I wash my clothes these days, I tend to separate my cotton stuff from my synthetic/wool layers. When you wash and dry it all together, I find lint from the cotton tends to stick to the other clothes…making them not perform quite up to snuff and taking longer time to dry when they get wet from sweat or moisture from the sky. Ciao for now!