By: randosteve|Posted on: June 19, 2008|Posted in: DIY - Modification, Gear, Gear Reviews | 3 comments

KLR and Dynafit Manaslus
Someday I’m going to use my KLR to actually go skiing.

The one thing that drives me nuts about testing ski gear is that half the time the products are prototypes, and not quite fine tuned for production. Right now I have some Dynafit Manaslu skis and Zzeus boots in my possession, and although the Manaslu skis performed well on the soft snow on Mount Woodring last week, I could tell something was not quite right with the mounting position of the bindings.

Dynafit ZzeusThough the Manaslus skied well, I felt like I was a little bit in the back seat and on some firmer snow, I could really tell that the mount wasn’t where it needed to be. Upon calling Dynafit HQ, I learned that the pair of 178’s I have are in fact prototypes and that after extensive testing, as well as some strong feelings from Reiner Gerstner, business manager for Dynafit, the decision was made to move the predrilled mounting points forward. I always knew Reiner was a smart one.

Redrilling the Dyanfit Manaslus
A little sketchy drilling skis that you don’t own.

So, being the perfectionist I am, and in order to feel what the Manaslu ski really skis like, I brought the skis into the shop and remounted them in the right position. Unfortunately, the Zzeus boots are easily a full size too big and so I don’t trash my feet, testing them will be reserved for some turns with short approaches. Not the easiest thing to find right now, but Teton Pass (though melting quickly in the heat) still looks to be skiing pretty close to the road, so I will try to get some turns on them there.

Manaslu binding mount moved forward
Though it was recommended I move the bindings forward 16mm,
the position of the pre-drilled holes only allowed me to move it about 14mm.

Anyway, temps have been a little on the warm side recently, with the low only hitting 45 in the valley on Tuesday night. I’m skiing in the park today and will know more about conditions later…if you’re interested and looking to get out. Ciao for now!