By: randosteve|Posted on: October 30, 2007|Posted in: Humor | 12 comments

Waiting in line at the Ski SwapThere’s something about having a girlfriend that makes you do things that you normally wouldn’t. Having worked in a ski shop for the last 8 years and now having secured some great sponsorships, the last thing I need is to get up at the crack of dawn and stand in line to shop for AT boots at the Jackson Hole Ski Club Ski Swap. Non-the-less, Julia is converting to ‘The Dark Side’ and needs some new Dynafit compatible kicks. There were a couple good options…for cheap…but unfortunately they didn’t fit. I guess we now have to resort to Plan B.

Gogi Berries

I addition to sacrificing my beauty sleep for the girlyfriend, I’m also now eating gogi berries, locally grown vegetables and doing Qi Gong (pronounced Chi-Gong). Who knows what is next? The Gogi Berry, or wolfberry, is one of the ‘in’ super-foods for yoga-types and raw-food geeks right now and tastes a little bit like a blueberry. I’ve been eating them in salads mostly, but I could see how they would go Locally grown pepperwell with other foods like trail mix and even pancakes. At $15 a pound, their benefits are reserved for the lucky ones who can afford them. Gogi Berries are originally from Tibet and are chock full of vitamins and minerals. It has claims of having immense antioxidant potential, but some research begs to differ. They are said to have the power to increase your vitality, but with a name like Romeo…it’s not like I need it. If you want to be a believer…check out this happy Gogi Berry website. BTW, we just got this green pepper that was locally grown and by the looks of it, there must be some serious genetic noodling going on to produce such a specimen.

I can’t say I really believe in all the hype of the Gogi Berry, but Qi Gong on the other hand…seems beneficial. Hell, anything to get me to stretch more can’t be all that bad. Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) is a type of stretching that is kind of a combination of yoga, kung-fu and meditation. It uses the individual’s breath and wave-like movements to focus energy to specific areas of the body. I am currently working on a program to help out the lower back…which I find absorbs a lot of the stress from trail running up and down steep hills all summer. More on this down the road…maybe even a sample video!