By: randosteve|Posted on: July 2, 2008|Posted in: Gear, Humor | 5 comments

Ski Journal Delayed

I was getting a little sick of looking at the same Ski Journal on the pot lately, so I just had to get the feelers out and find out what’s been taking Issue 2.3 so long to arrive in my mailbox. I got a quick response….

Hey Steve.

Thank you for the note… We have been making some internal changes which will increase the quality and smoothing out our production. Due to this we have bumped back our next issue to a fall release for shipping in late August. While we wish we were shipping this issue earlier, we now have the option of going green with 100% recycled paper and possibly are increasing the format (size) of our publications. Although these additional changes most likely will not happen to issue #2.4.

Anyways. We are still here and continuing to product the true voice of ski culture.

The next issue #2.3 will be our best issue yet.


Acceptable answer I guess. But a little PO’d I have to wait for more skiing stoke to come out in print. Luckily there is plenty to go around here on Hmmm…I just thought of a new place I can use my laptop. 😉