By: randosteve|Posted on: October 9, 2008|Posted in: Humor | 4 comments

Broisms, brobonics and brospeakAs we get closer to the start of the ski season, it’s important to know the lingo and be able to talk the talk, so your not left hanging. Here are some terms that will help keep you in the loop.  For more bro-speak, broisms and brobonics, check out Bro-bonics: Part I on

Abrocrombie and Fitch–  A preppy bro.
Why’s that Abrocrombie and Fitch hanging out here, shouldn’t he be chillin’ at the Brew Pub?

Bro-Co–  The cocktail of bros, Southern comfort and Mountain Dew.
Man, I had too many bro-cos last nigh and my head is killing me.

Broing Pains–  After engaging in activities reserved for bros…the power you fell surging through you body.
I’ver got some serious broing pains after sticking the air at the bottom of Central Couloir.

Brohibition– When a bro is cut off at the bar or pub.
What’s up with the brohibition around here? I only had 5 bro-cos.

Bromeo– That guy at the party dressed to impress the ladies and will attempt to score them all with his pseudo-charm.
Check out that Bromeo over there with Sandy. I bet he has his own website.

Bronsoon–  1) A person that fails at everything they do. 2) A swarm, or large group of bros.
I felt like I was surrounded by a bronsoon at the TGR premier of “Under the Influence”.

Bronytail–  A ponytail sported by bros.
Bronytails suck for skiers. All they do is get wet and iced up in the snow.

Brosama– A bro that acts outrageously due to lack of attention.
What’s up with brosama over there talkin so loud on his cell phone.

Broser–  Someone that poses as a bro.
What a borser! I think he’s a rando racer.

Brosis–  Disease of being a bro and when you think that others are smothered by your coolness.
The brosis is so contagious in the tram line.

Broskimo–  A conformist youth who wears sagging pants, hair styled in a fo-hawk AND sports an oversized puffy jacket with a furry lined hood.
Seems like there’s more and more broskimos on the town square every year.