By: randosteve|Posted on: April 2, 2008|Posted in: Humor | 1 comment

Front of Jailhouse
The front of the Jail House at the top of the Headwall
at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Well, even though this would have been a great year to ski at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, I never made it out there this year to sample the goods…or see all the shenanigans that went on. Rumors of Mike Tierney skiing ‘Talk is Cheap’ into ‘Igneous Rocks’ last week filter though the skiing community, and Matt Coombs’ speed-flying descent of Cody Peak bring up questions on what this new ‘sport’ is all about. Yeah, both these accomplishments take an impressive amount of guts and skill to pull off, but really it is the amount of snowfall we have gotten this season that truly amazes me.

I got an email from Jackson Hole Ski Patrol member, Dave Bowers, of this picture of what they call the ‘Jail House’…which is the ski patrol hut on the top of the Headwall. Dave tells me that the roof of the building sits 24′ above the ground in the summer …and now it’s nearly totally buried. 24’…that’s nearly 290″ of snow sitting at the top of the Headwall when only 140″ is reported at the bottom of Rendezvous Bowl. Wow! I’m looking forward to a great spring season. Ciao for now!!!

Top of Jailhouse
The top of the Jail House barely pokes out of the snow.